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"In the depths of the darkness of today's often nonsensical business world Megan Haas's uniqueness prevails. Ms. Haas understands how to incorporate social values into that world. As a human resource, as a connectress, as a mover and shaker, an innovator, an award winner, a golden girl, she has much to offer. I have had the pleasure of knowing Megan in a work capacity as well as in friendship. Megan is a king maker. I have witnessed her incredible determination and fortitude which enabled Utilikilts's rise, alongside her development of socially responsible, community enhancing enterprises & schemes. Her ability to unravel the very core of a person and/or corporation and reconstruct it from the double helix into an energised being is her forte. She adds the the turbo diesel to any engine and hones the most well oiled of machinery. As a person who I admire, and whose life path I have been inspired by, it is an honour to recommend her." Please contact me for further information at any time"

Agamemnon Otero - Brixton Energy Garden

“I have known Megan Haas for approximately 20 years and she has shown herself to be an exceptional business partner. She is reliable, very bright, trustworthy and when she tells me that she will do something, she delivers. She also possesses a truly remarkable and incredibly admirable asset, She has the ability to be professional and efficient and she does so with a sincere sense of human kindness and compassion for all whom she deals with. She is a breath of fresh air and definitely a role model for others in the world of commerce. I look forward to opportunities to work with Megan.” Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, New York, NY.Chairman – President – The Friends of Scotland Charity

"Megan Haas puts a great deal of integrity and thought into everything she does. I realize that she deliberately creates in her life, the situations, jobs, activities, relationships etc... that she truly wants to nurture. There is nothing accidental about what Megan does or how she spends her thoughts or her time. When it was time to make an important stride in my work and I needed someone that I could trust and thought of the characteristics of the perfect part-time collaborator, the solution was very simple, and I knew Megan would be the perfect person for the job, and that she would bring initiative, respect, integrity and a whole lot of life to my business."
-Paula Fletcher, Owner, Founder Dumb Clothing

"I met Megan Haas almost 20 years ago, and we became immediate friends. Right from moment one she was instantantly recognizable as a true original, and a vital force - very strong, soft, and buzzing with constant creativity and good ideas. Not only that, I found after really digging into the friendship, Megan had (and has) an amazing ability to cut through layers and layers of bullshit, be it corporate, press, or personal, and get right to what she wants or needs. Nobody can get a room full of people thinking outside the box like her. About three years into our friendship Megan came up for air from Utilikilt's nonstop pace and declared to me that she was also a musician and needed to start playing again. Up 'til then it was always me doing the music. I said "OK, let's do it," and she proceeded to bring out a high calliber folk violin and a beautiful voice. Once again, she had a truly original vision, but this time for music and singing. We set out to make a CD and in a couple of sessions created her solo album, which I think is one of the simplest and purest art works I've had the pleasure of helping form. I know that whatever Megan touches turns to gold, or she knows somehow what gold is and simply reveals it. -Mark Nichols, composer/director, Seattle WA

“Megan is one of those rare people that have the guts and confidence to chart both her professional and personal life paths following her heart and passions. I feel quite priviledged to know her.” 

-Marco Vangelisti, Restorative Investment, San Francisco, CA  

"Megan is a highly experienced and accessible person to work with. Since I tend to be a “go it alone” kind of gal this was my first experience working with a consultant, and I can say that it was completely worth it. Megan is a great strategist and communicator, and was able to clearly and succinctly communicate her knowledge so that it was easy for me to use. She helped me tailor a business strategy around my life goals, and to clarify what I personally wanted to do with my  business. Her information was invaluable for me and her support was key in taking the steps to forge ahead and make quick progress. I felt that she was personally invested in the process with me. She really has that magic combination of expertise and coaching put together. I recommend Megan’s consulting services very highly. If she could be so invaluable to this hard core indie gal, just think what she could do for you!" 
Michelle De La Vega - Artist, builder of tiny houses, welder, businesswoman.

"I’ve worked with Megan Haas for many years, and in that time, I have come to admire and esteem her connective prowess. When she observes or gleans a need, or sees a gap to fill, she facilitates filling it, or provides a solution in a unique manner that has a profound, positive effect. I own and operate a community care-taking company, and many times over the years, my consulting with Megan has created an ongoing ripple effect, impacting people in all areas of my business’s life in a positive way. Megan’s experience helped me provide great employees for my business and helped me find some of my best clients. On a personal note, the people she placed in my life, and I in turn in their lives, have had an overarching positive impact that has gone well beyond business." - Nathan Hotchkiss LTD

"There have been only a very few persons in my life that have made a deep and positive impression as Megan Haas did for me. With extreme generosity, she helped me to go through a difficult and lonesome period of my life, when clear thoughts, honest care and neutral perspectives were a must and a need to see all the facts involved with balance. She did it directly from her true and pure heart. I cannot wait to have a new business project in mind to ask her for consulting, because I am totally convinced she will guide me through the concepts of profits allied with ethic values and social issues without compromising none of them... and this is the future of corporate surviving in the XXI century" - Max Mills - Writer, Visual Designer, Winemaker & Philanthropist.  - Viña del Mar, Chile

"I met Megan Haas twenty two years ago and since then have never stopped being inspired and amazed by her. Megan was the first person who if I came to her with an idea, didn't try to limit it but instead expanded upon it. This led to many shared adventures as friends over the years. We have watched and helped each other become both adults and entrepreneurs. 20 years ago she approached me about creating a new model of education. We created the Front Porch School and worked with home-schooled girls for two years helping them grow into young women. The work Megan and I did together has continued to inform me and has led to the creation of my life's work in education, 'The New Classical Academy.' Megan has never let herself be limited by "should" or "must" but has defined her own trajectory through the world. I watched her become involved in the visionary phase of a great business - Utilikilts - watched as her impulses helped turn it into a million dollar enterprise. Megan has never been happy with the status quo or with average work. She continually questions why and how in an unrelenting quest to bring the world back to the culture of values and traditions that she herself inhabits, and she does this by moving forward, not backward. Megan pushes not only herself but the people around her, to be their best and create a real and purposeful vision of the future." -Kate Hyde, founder Redevelopment Lab, Nashville, TN

"I want to take a minute and acknowledge the amazing talent that Megan Haas so lovingly brings to each and every project she works on. If asked to explain concretely what Megan brings that makes her unique; it is that she is simultaneously brilliant, beautiful and, she delivers! Megan not only delivers on projects with clear parameters and boundaries- but she possesses the rare and valuable ability to manage and lead virtual teams to accomplish deliverables that are being innovated as a result of fresh ideas and combined resources. Megan innovates and inspires all at once. Naming her a “Creatrix” would be most appropriate." - Michelle Sherman -Seattle, WA. VAST institute  Inspiring greatness since 1988

"Ms. Haas is a practical optimist, a pioneer of ideas, and a revolutionary of constructs. With a warm smile, she will challenge ingrained patterns, offering new perspectives in their place, and practical steps towards implementing them. As an expert networker and free thinker, Megan is a master of bringing seemingly random bits of ideas together into a cohesive whole. I do not recall a single thought process I’ve had to which she was not able to add some crucial missing piece, linking it with all the necessary elements for its progression. She allows for continued growth in any situation, steering always toward the highest possible goal. These often include the very happiness and salvation of the planet itself." - Cameron Forester - Boat Captain, Writer, International Citizen. 


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