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Megan Haas is an entrepreneur dedicated to catalyzing emergent, community-driven innovation. With a diverse background spanning 30 years, Megan brings a unique, practical approach to empowering individuals and organizations that enable growth and thriving.

As a founder, strategist, consultant, coach, writer, and speaker, she leads and encourages community driven ventures that challenge conventional systems to envision more purposeful, organic, and humane solutions.

Megan's work in education, including founding two schools and spearheading Kinnected Ed, reflects her commitment to addressing societal challenges at the micro and macro levels. Through ventures like the pioneering Utilikilts Co and, she is committed to cultivating and nurturing healthy community culture through the values of reciprocity, trust belonging, and hope.

Megan's overarching theme is evident in all her work: to develop businesses rooted in community, that build communities rooted in culture, creating sustainable, impactful change.

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