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Megan Haas speaks at Politico's annual health summit in Amsterdam

Megan Carol Haas

Megan Haas is a founder, strategist, and advisor who integrates design, community-building, and innovation to create dynamic, resilient cultures. From corporate settings to healthcare and education, Megan helps organizations develop environments where physical, mental, and social wellness are paramount. Megan pioneers projects that challenge conventional systems, envisioning purposeful, organic, and humane solutions.

Megan has founded, managed, and consulted for numerous ventures. With a 30 year track record of catalyzing emergent, community-driven innovation, her unique, approach empowers individuals and organizations to thrive, blending expertise from both for-profit and non-profit leadership roles.  

Guided by core values of reciprocity, trust, belonging, and hope, Megan’s work is dedicated to creating sustainable, impactful change. Her initiatives in education, including founding two schools and spearheading, exemplify her dedication to addressing societal challenges on the micro and macro levels. 


Empowering community culture, and creativity through:

Strategy and catalyst
Innovation and vision
Education and empowerment
Interdependence and collaboration


Caitlyn Villegas, Utilkilts Co. 

"Megan was instrumental in linking Utilikilts with a Fringe-Mainstream market, and laying the groundwork for our momentous Grassroots Community Energy. She's a strategic mastermind with the social values of Mr. Rogers and the moral courage of Wonder Woman."

Christina Shires, Smallish Photo Studio

"I once said the words “clear clarity” to describe what I get from Megan’s coaching and then laughed because the phrase was repetitive and, on the surface, non-sensical. When reflecting on it later, I concluded it was exactly what I meant.

After almost 10 years in business, in Megan I have happily found a coach who can provide the clear, strategic input I often need. Megan has an exceptional ability to swoop in and easily deconstruct problems that feel big and unsolvable. In addition, she offers sensible solutions that help clear the noise in your head. 

If you’re alone in business or leadership or need someone who is on the outside of your organization, Megan is that person who feels like the yin to your yang. She’s there to listen, clarify, guide, and champion you and your goals. The result is you feel less alone, you get “unstuck”, you enjoy your business again, and you keep moving forward to achieve your goals."

Paula Fletcher - Paula Fletcher Clothing

"Megan Haas puts a great deal of integrity and thought into everything she does. I realise that she deliberately creates in her life, the situations, jobs, activities, relationships etc... that she truly wants to nurture. There is nothing accidental about what Megan does or how she spends her thoughts or her time. When it was time to make an important stride in my work and I needed someone that I could trust and thought of the characteristics of the perfect part-time collaborator, the solution was very simple, and I knew Megan would be the perfect person for the job, and that she would bring initiative, respect, integrity and a whole lot of life to my business."  

Sara Little, Sealaska Heritage Institute 

"As a young professional and a college student, Megan offered me the opportunity to intern with Kinnected. I was encouraged to bring my own creativity, ideas, and stories to the table, letting my own interests guide my learning, while being gently supported and taught by an experienced mentor in a field that I had little familiarity with. In our conversations with others on health experiences, Megan's careful language and personal vulnerability pushed me to follow suit -- allowing me to see the depth of importance that an individual's history holds in the productivity of working relationships. When we faced challenges, it was always "we" can fix this and it's "our" problem, followed by action and support that upheld her words. I will always be grateful for the lessons and leadership that Megan kindly instilled in me. At the time, I didn't fully realize it was happening. But looking back, she knew what she was doing all along."

Julia Kassissieh - York House School

"Serving on the board of Madrona Village School (MVS) for the past two and a half years with Megan Haas has been a privilege for me after my own long career in Independent and public school leadership. Megan, the visionary founder and executive director, is a true pioneer in educational innovation and nonprofit leadership. She founded MVS with a courageous vision to redefine traditional schooling, especially during the early days of the pandemic. By embracing entrepreneurial principles for social impact, she introduced a micro-school model that integrated personalized learning with inquiry-based education. "

Michelle De la Vega, multidisciplinary artist, installation, social engagement. 

"Megan brings together creative thinking, excellent communication, an innate ability to analyze and interoperate any context or information thrown her way, and succinct practical strategy. Over the years she has consistently helped me tailor successful business strategies around my goals, and to clarify what I personally want from my work and life. Megan’s expertise, and the personal investment she has always brought into the process with me, has consistently energized me and inspired my confidence and trust. I recommend her highly and without reservation."

Dr. Nassim Assefi, physician, author, and creative curator

"Megan is a versatile, creative entrepreneur whose heart and mind are always innovating in the service of humanity. She is a possibilist--someone who manifests hope through action--and lives with utmost intentionality. Whether she's writing a book, making music, founding a school, championing holistic health, or coaching, Megan brings brilliance, empathy, big-picture thinking, patience, and community into everything she does. Many of us have good ideas about how to help others; Megan is the rare person who does the hard work of actually manifesting and implementing her ideas at the highest quality and with utmost care."

Agamemnon Otero - Brixton Energy Garden

"In the depths of the darkness of today's often nonsensical business world Megan Haas's uniqueness prevails. Ms. Haas understands how to incorporate social values into that world. I have witnessed her incredible determination and fortitude. Megan is a kingmaker. Her ability to unravel the very core of a person and/or corporation and reconstruct it from the double helix into an energised being is her forte. As a person who I admire, and whose life path I have been inspired by, it is an honour to recommend her."

Kathleen Petrotta, Board member Madrona Village School. Learning Education Specialist Seattle Academy (retired) Seattle Academy. 

"Megan is one of the reasons I decided to join the board of Madrona Village School. Thirty years of teaching in public and private schools of various sizes has provided me with opportunities to interact with a myriad of people. It has been exciting to work with someone like Megan, who is smart, creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial.  She is a critical thinker, a connector of ideas, and a collaborator. She's a resourceful problem solver and also a good listener. I consider her a modern day Renaissance person.  Megan leads with a combination of her heart, her instincts and her mind."


Dr. Geoffrey Scott Carroll, Friends of Scotland Society

"I have known Megan Haas for approximately 20 years and she has shown herself to be an exceptional business partner. She is reliable, trustworthy, and she delivers. She also possesses a truly remarkable and incredibly admirable asset; the ability to be professional and efficient with a sincere sense of human kindness and compassion for all whom she deals with. I look forward to opportunities to work with Megan.” 


Mark Nichols, Composer/Director 

"I met Megan Haas almost 20 years ago. Right from moment one she was instantly recognizable as a true original, and a vital force - very strong, soft, and buzzing with constant creativity and good ideas. She has an amazing ability to cut through layers of rubbish, be it corporate, press, or personal. Nobody can get a room full of people thinking outside the box like her."

Kate Hyde, founder Redevelopment Lab,  The New Classical Academy

"Megan is the first person who if I come to her with an idea, doesn't try to limit it but instead expands upon it. The work Megan and I did together has continued to inform me and led to the creation of my life's work in education. Megan pushes not only herself but the people around her, to be their best and create a real and purposeful vision of the future." 

Marco Vangelisti, Restorative Investment

“Megan is one of those rare people that have the guts and confidence to chart both her professional and personal life paths following her heart and passions. I feel quite priviledged to know her.” 

Captain Cameron Forester - Travel, adventure, sailing, surfing, paragliding

"Ms. Haas is a practical optimist, a pioneer of ideas, and a revolutionary of constructs.With a warm smile, she will challenge ingrained patterns, offering new perspectives in their place, and practical steps towards implementing them. As an expert networker and free thinker, Megan is a master of bringing seemingly random bits of ideas together into a cohesive whole. I do not recall a single thought process I’ve had to which she was not able to add some crucial missing piece, linking it with all the necessary elements for its progression. She allows for continued growth in any situation, steering always toward the highest possible goal. These often include the very happiness and salvation of the planet itself." 

Max Mills - Writer, Winemaker, Philanthropist - Viña del Mar, Chile.

"There have been only a very few persons in my life that have made a deep and positive impression as Megan Haas did for me. With extreme generosity, she helped me to go through a difficult and lonesome period of my life, when clear thoughts, honest care and neutral perspectives were a must and a need to see all the facts involved with balance. I cannot wait to have a new business project in mind to ask her for coaching, because I am totally convinced she will guide me through the concepts of profits allied with ethic values and social issues without compromising none of them... and this is the future of corporate surviving."

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